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Ice Fishing Line Depth Marker

The new fishing Line Marker is an outstanding substitute to tell time while fishing, it extends 6 markings which make it fantastic for telling time by. This Line Marker is produced of durable plastic and features a black color, it is a terrific addition to your fishing supplies pile.

Ice Fishing Line Depth Marker Amazon

The new fishing Line Depth Marker is an 6 markers package model 6510, it is new and there is a dudes sticker on it. The Marker is good for a single Line or 10 lines, it is 6" in length and the markers are made of durable plastic. The new frailty fishing Line markers are 6 markers to a package and are model 6510, this Line is a good value at $10. When you have a fish in hand, be sure to take it to the fish company to get a fresh fishing line, this Line as well top-rated for the new be Line Depth Marker is an 6 Marker Line that is equipped with a blue light that shows the Depth at which the fish is swimming. The Line is of a good quality and is fabricated of durable plastic, it is likewise because of the red and green colors. The Line is uncomplicated to handle and is designed to be as permanent as possible, the fishing Line Depth Marker is an 6 markers package model 6510. This Line is designed to help fisherman find Ice fishing lines more efficient and faster, the Line is fabricated of durable material that is 6" in length with a medium thread. Biz with a special connector, the connector also helps with pulling biz up through the ice.